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To find the convenient premises for retail business in Moscow is a rare luck. We offer the most popular on the market format: objects ranging from 50 to 200 sq m with a free layout, located on the first line in the most busy city areas.

Our team BuyMeRentMe has been working on the market since 2003. During this time we have studied in detail the requirements of tenants and business opportunities available in various parts of the capital. Our experts can accurately determine which street retail objects will be able to bring to your business a quick return, and which will only slow down the development.

We select only the best street retail sites, located at the intersection of busy pedestrian and traffic flows. Objects BuyMeRentMe are located on the first line of houses, on the ground floor with separate entrance. We invest serious money in the preparation of the building work: we do a major overhaul, invest in everything what will be the face of your business - large shop Windows, solid doors and granite porch. All these should create an attractive image for your business and will help you to stand out from your business competitors.

Our goal is to help the owners and tenants to get rid of any technical problems during the using the premises in the future. To do this, we set new plumbing and electrics, do a convenient alterations. We think in advance that the tenants will require large electrical capacity, supply and exhaust ventilation, possibility to install air-conditioners. Each our object is secured not only by new, high-quality engineering infrastructure, but also has long term official contracts with service providers, primarily with “Mosenergosbyt”.

It is easy to work with us because our main principle is do it and forget. Tenants prefer to work with BuyMeRentMe for many years, because we help them to avoid everyday troubles and problems with documents. We meet rarely and only for pleasant occasions - for example, to extend the mutually beneficial long-term contract. By the way, all our agreements - formal, we work legally and honestly paying taxes.

Qualitatively prepared premises, official contracts, long-term relationships with major network tenants - all these give us and our clients not only the restful sleep, but also a stable high income.


Street retail is the most profitable segment of the commercial real estate in Russia, a real find for the private investor.

This is low-risk and highly liquid investment. Investment in street retail pays off very quickly thanks to the deficit/There are not enough quality objects so the demand greatly exceeds the offer - only 5-10% of the offered premises in Moscow meets the modern requirements. Therefore, the rental rates and prices of liquid premises are growing steadily.

You can make very money if you choose the right object of investment. The average yield of the street-retail amounts to 10-12% a year, taking the first place on popularity among private investors. No wonder, because for example the renting of the apartment brings only 2-5% per annum.

Shops and banks, the service provider and restaurants, services and industry of beauty are struggling to get the liquid street retail objects. There are always buyers for these premises, regardless of the crises and the dollar rate. In recent years, a booming of private investments in street retail has been noticed. Analysts note a stable increase in sales and numbers of deals and the total area of objects sold. Forecast: further steady growth in prices due to the deficit.

To consult a professional is the best way to choose the right object for investment.

Specialists of the company BuyMeRentMe will always be glad to help you! We will not only find you a promising object for investment, but also will render the services of management company, allowing you to get rid of unnecessary communication with tenants.

Your business is only to receive the money and enjoy the life of rentier.

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